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You have enough to worry about. 
Let Lucinetic support your recommendation letter workflow. 
  • Save 1-2 hours per letter
  • Stop searching your email for materials
  • Effortlessly get applicant information
  • Stay on top of deadlines
  • Get back to teaching, research, and life

Lucinetic is a freemium AI-boosted workflow tool that helps organize, track, and write letters of recommendation.

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Writer's Block has met its match. 

Lucinetic is powered by the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence.

The best way to write a well-informed, meaningful letter of recommendation is now 90% faster. 

With Lucinetic, letters of recommendation are requested and tracked through a free module.

I learned from my recommenders that it helps them write the best possible letter if I provide them with materials that emphasize the strength of my application, and remind them of due dates... Lucinetic lets me do that in seconds."

Thokozile Soko, Master of Science student at King's College London

Where has Lucinetic been my entire career?  Profusely apologetic, students are always up against an imminent deadline. Lucinetic is a game changer. It gives faculty our time back and assures students of an authentically individualized letter. Game on."

Howard Gunston, Professor at Stony Brook University 

How does this help?

Lucinetic has created a new collaborative dual platform to deliver and discuss trust through the written word. We have created an organizational tool for applicants who need letters of recommendation and other career letters. We have enabled them with the power to share what they would like to highlight from recommenders. We have also created a companion platform for recommenders to support them in writing and help them organize their requests. The result is hours saved for the writer while increasing the applicant's chances. 

How does Lucinetic work?

An applicant submits a request and includes materials and information. The recommender receives the request on their platform with the opportunity to organize and write the letter. Our AI-writing algorithm is meticulously and ethically trained to create high-quality, less biased letters of recommendation. The letter's status is visible for the applicant, reducing stress and improving the experience for everyone involved. Our software meets stringent cybersecurity standards and is encrypted using the highest levels of care. 

Is this just some template website or writing service?

No. Lucinetic is a powerful workflow tool with an advanced, ethically trained AI writing assistant built to support high-quality career documents, including letters of recommendation. The algorithm behind this robust tool has been meticulously taught by the world's top faculty, students, and DEI professionals. 

Does this replace me as a writer?

Not at all. The AI-boosted writing assistant helps you become a better, more efficient letter writer by taking care of structuring a draft with applicant inputs and helping you be your most creative self. As a writer, you always retain control over your writing and your ownership and have 100% editing power. Using Lucinetic helps applicants by allowing them to suggest topics for their writer to discuss in their letter, creating a more specific and impactful letter of recommendation. Or, if you prefer to use the tool simply to organize and keep track of deadlines while writing from scratch, you can do that, too! 

Don't wait to save hours of your day. Get Lucinetic now, in seconds.